F-support rent security system in Flat Agency incorporated corporation

Shimogamo Ivy House (FULL)
Shimogamo Ivy House 写真1
Shimogamo Ivy House 写真2
Shimogamo Ivy House 写真2
Shimogamo Ivy House 写真2
Shimogamo Ivy House 写真2
Rent Common fee Deposit key money
42,000~48,000yen 3,000yen 48,000yen~50,000yen 48,000yen~50,000yen
*will not be refunded when moving out
Eligibility Years of contract Fees for recontract Agency fees for recontraction
female 2 years 1 month's payment 15,000yen+tax
3-story steel framed
Number_of_households Completion_Date
11 March 1993
Electric utility expense Gas expense Water supply expense
payed by yourself payed by yourself 2,000yen
Internet expense Key exchange fee F-support(housing guarantee)
free 16,500yen 10,000yen/year
Handling charge for agency Fire insurance Cleaning expense when you move out
half of the monthly payment + tax 9,000yen / 2 years 25,000yen+tax
Room number Monthly rent Arrangement of rooms Room size Room orientation Avaliable moving date
205 47,000yen Click here 24.7㎡ square meter North full
305 48,000yen Click here 24.66㎡ square meter South 31th March 2020


2, 18, ShimogamoSmimogawaracho, Sakyou, Kyoto


16-minutes' walk to subway "Kuramaguchi" train station

To Kyoto University 2,230m

To Lawson 180m

To Selfy Shimogamo (Supermarket) 480m
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